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December 07 2018: SEC to Decide Fate of Vaneck Solidx Bitcoin ETF by Late February.

December 04 2018: Bitcoin Times your investment will be multiplied hundredfold and will be transferred to your wallet within 24 hours, min is 0.03 btc.

December 02 2018: Bittrade, one of 16 regulated Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the complete termination of its current trading system. The exchange will then reopen as part of the Huobi family.

December 01 2018: BTC BROS updated the proof page everyday for investors, They can be trusted.Pay 0.03 BTC, get 3 BTC In 6 Hours.

November 29 2018: Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD add $350 but Could Rally To $6,000 by Dec 2018.

November 27 2018: Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof. High Interest Investment accept payeer deposit.

November 25 2018: As BTC prices continue to fall, many investment websites are closed. Please be cautious when investing. Read our site before investing is better.

November 23 2018: Fast Return Investment news,Because the bitcoin price is about $4400 now, our min deposit is 0.03 btc for bitcoin investors.

November 21 2018: Indian Government to Draft Cryptocurrency Regulation Next Month.

November 19 2018: Invest $100 Payeer , Received $500 Payeer daily for 5 days, High Return Investment Program.

November 18 2018: More Crypto Exchanges Opening in Thailand, SEC Warns Approvals Needed.

November 16 2018: Hold Gain add a new perfect money proof in their proof page, Invest $1000 , Received $15000 after one hour, what a wonderful investment plan!

November 14 2018: Japanese Internet Giant GMO Postpones Shipments of 7nm Bitcoin Mining Equipment.

November 12 2018: South Korea’s Upbit to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Thailand and Indonesia.

November 10 2018: US Excludes Iran’s Central Bank from the Global Financial System.

November 06 2018: Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Approaching Next Key Break.

November 05 2018: Swedish Bitcoin add new bitcoin payment proof.

November 03 2018: Brazil Tax Authority Orders Crypto Exchanges to Provide Monthly Reports.

October 29 2018: Canada Bitcoin Exchange added in our listed,We have developed strategic business partnership programs and use the best financial tools to be successful and rank high at the Canadian Penny Stock market.

October 27 2018: Blockchain-Powered Islamic Bonds to Fund Microfinance Projects in Indonesia.

October 25 2018: Notify all hyip's admin and investors, our site does not have any advertising, we don't accept AD in our site, we are not a profitable website, we are a professional investment team, using own's money to invest and earn great ROI.We're not very good at making websites, so it's very simple, but we promise all listed hyips are actually paid to us.

October 23 2018: NYSE Owner’s Bitcoin Futures Market Will Open in Mid-December.

October 21 2018: Bitcoin Magazine Week in Review: Stablecoins Take the Spotlight.

October 20 2018: Cash 2018 add a new bitcoin payment today, It is the best investment program on 2018 year.

October 19 2018: Doha Investment is paying 5800% after 48 hours, Doha Investment added in our site today

October 17 2018: Cointext Launches Bitcoin Cash SMS Wallet in Argentina and Turkey.

October 15 2018: Bliss BTC was closed, The site can't open now.

October 10 2018: Real Gold Investment add new perfect money proof.

October 06 2018: Gold Stock Investment was closed.

October 04 2018: New Big Bitcoin Investment Program added: Swedish Bitcoin Pay 0.02 - 0.19 BTC today, get 2 - 19 BTC in 24 hours.

October 02 2018: Great BTC was scammer now.

September 30 2018: BTC BROS added new bitcoin payment proof.

September 28 2018: Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment.

September 11th 2018: High Investment Plan add many payment proof, they are paying on time for a long time.

September 6th 2018: Analysis: Crypto ATM Industry Will Grow Tenfold in Next Five Years.

July 21th 2018: BTC BROS lunched today , Pay 0.03 - 3 BTC today, get 3 - 300 BTC in 6 hours.

July 10th 2018: Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional Investment.

July 05th 2018: Indian Crypto Exchanges Launching P2P Trading Services – Bypassing RBI Ban.

June 25th 2018: An Investment was stop paying, Please don't invest.

May 09 2018: Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Double Korean Exchange Listings Lift Zilliqa.

March 02 2018: New Big Investment program 1BTCASH add in our site.

January 25th 2018: Oil Company Wants to Sell Bitcoin ATMs to Casinos, Stock Jumps 60%.

January 16th 2018: New Program Cash 2018 Add in our site.

December 17th: Bitcoin Fees Have Become Infeasible.

October 4th : Bitcoin Insurance stop paying today , Don't invest!

September 2nd: Moscow Exchange Clarifies Bitcoin Trading Plans After Conflicting Reports.

June 24th: Bitcoin 7 multiply your bitcoin 40x in 4 hours, min is 0.05 btc!

June 3rd: New Program Big Bitcoin added in our site.

May 11th: New Program Real BTC added in our site.

May 9th: Multiply Bitcoin added new bitcoin payment proof. we invested 0.05 BTC and received 10 btc payment.

April 15th: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

April 2nd: Qatar Bitcoin was remove from our List.

March 25th: Coin Bitcoin Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

March 4th: Bitcoin Times Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

March 3rd : Security Investment Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

Feburary 21th: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 02/21/2017 – Buyers Gaining Confidence.

Feburary 14th: Bitcoin Gold Stock added in our site.

Feburary 11th: Bitcoin VFX Trade Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

Feburary 4th: Security Investment Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

Feburary 1st: Beware of Crypto-MLMs and High Return Investments on Social Media.

January 7th: Saxo Bank: Trump Maybe Good News For Bitcoin.

January 2nd : Mclain Finance Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

December 18th : Mclain Finance Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

December 15th : Bitcoin Multiplier X100 Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

November 18th : Silver Investment Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

November 5th: Bitcoin Multiply 1000x Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

November 5th: Great BTC Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

November 4th :Bitcoin 100 Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

October 21th :Pensioner Bonds Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

October 15th: Pensioner Bonds Add in our Paying HYIPs List.

October 12th :Real Gold Investment Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

October 8th : Bitcoin Money Insurance Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

September 21th: Trade24 – Providing the Best Services in the Industry.

September 5th: Contingent Investment Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

August 27th: Qatar Bitcoin Add a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

August 25th: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 08/25/2016 – Breakdown Alert!

August 10th: Blockchain.info has surpased 100,000,000 transactions. This is no small feat even for traditional finance companies,More Info.


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