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Who uses the most Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin ATMs are now spreading around the world hoping that one day they will become a normal part of our daily lives.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin ATM is essentially a "physical" machine that allows users to purchase and deposit cryptocurrencies, just like a traditional cash machine or cash machine. Since ATMs are an integral part of our daily lives, many believe that the use of Bitcoin ATMs to secure a future will be crucial to the introduction of Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATM users will finally find that Bitcoin can also normalize and is not just a difficult online purchase.

Simply put, Bitcoin ATMs ideologically break up all blockchain jargon and offer a simple access point through which everyone can communicate with Bitcoin.

Who uses them?

We said they were part of an international movement - Bitcoin ATMs are worldwide, but most are based in the United States, actually more than 50%.
South America, however, is a continent on which the existence of Bitcoin ATMs is increasing. In countries such as Venezuela and Colombia there are now a number of machines in which users can also participate. "" Access to alternative cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

According to Bitcoin.com, Athena, a company responsible for the production of many Bitcoin ATMs, has conducted extensive research into the use of Bitcoin ATMs, particularly in Colombia.
It appears that Columbia is ready to take control of the United States for the use of Bitcoin ATMs. The locals find a real use for these machines, which could indicate that there is also a total love for bitcoin and crypto here?

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