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Investment Terms


It is deciphered as High Yield Investment Program. Under this definition they usually understand any monetary investments which bring a higher income than in banks.

Online HYIP

These are all HYIP funds which are managed exclusively via the Internet and work with electronic payment systems such as Perfect Money . The list of online HYIP funds is presented on this site .

HYIP monitor

Sites tracing different activity of HYIP projects are called HYIP monitors. On HYIP monitors you will find HYIP listings and a rating of HYIP projects. The various information about HYIP is presented in these listings and also monitoring of timeliness of payments and any changes in HYIP funds is conducted. Each monitor is obliged to give the truthful and timely information. But unfortunately, some cheap monitors follow dishonest HYIP admins and support HYIP SCAMs for money.


SCAM = swindle. After a while many HYIP funds stop working and paying interest on deposits and become ordinary swindlers. Some HYIP projects do not pay initially. The purpose of the investor is not to fall among SCAMs and to leave a fund with the maximal profit.


The nonrequested information on this or that HYIP program is sent to you on E-mail, obsession advertising is used by admins of SCAM HYIPs.

HYIP listings

Each site of HYIP monitor has the list of HYIP funds, and many ones have some kinds of such listings. To get in one of HYIP monitor listings the admin of fund pays its cost. The part of money, and sometimes all sum is invested in HYIP fund for monitoring (checking on timeliness of payments). The investors are recommended first of all to pay attention on HYIP projects in expensive listings. On statistics they are always more reliable because the swindlers are always prefer to save money on advertising. It is one of criteria of a choice HYIP for investment.


These are HYIP funds with a net profit of a minimal plan of 5% or more a day. Many of such funds are fast SCAMs but some of them work quite a long time.

The types of payments from HYIP funds

Payments are of three types: Automatic, Manual and Instant. Many beginners don't know how they are different each from other. Now I'll try to explain.
Automatic: These are payments which a script (a cursor and a basis of a site) of HYIP fund makes when the certain results are achieved (For example: the termination of deposit) or any mass payments made by the admin in certain time through a script of HYIP fund.
Instant: These are instant payments which come to your account of payment system immediately after the order.
Manual: These are payments made manually "one by one" instead of mass payments and instant.


Ponzi Scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, who invented it Ponzi was not the first to invent such a scheme, but his operation took in so much money that it was the first to become known throughout the United States. He put an ad in the papers and spoke to people that he trading stamps (marks) could increase their money several times in a short period of time. Trustful people sent him all their savings. Initially, Charles Ponzi really engaged in trade, but later he began to use new investments to pay for old ones. Finally, he ceased to trade, and only used new deposits to pay for old ones. It could not continue infinitely. New deposits gradually began to come more slowly and the whole system failed. Charles Ponzi ran away as a millionaire (in the 1920th, it was a huge pile of money) having left many people ruined. Later he was caught and put in prison and all such schemes became illegal.
Among online HYIPs there are a lot of projects which claim that investments are necessary for their business but actually it is simple Ponzi looking like actual HYIP. They can have solid websites with detailed information about their occupation but behind this, they hope for new deposits to pay for previous ones.

Gold Games

Gold games - or any games on money. They can last from several seconds until one day or up to several weeks. The task of the player is to perform any action and to guess thriftbox with the money or to beat opponents. It is impossible to win in some games, they are SCAM.

Financial MLM pyramid

"MLM" means Multi-Level Marketing (Network Marketing). Here, the network is not the network Internet but a ramified system of selling through intermediaries. In HYIP industry there are special websites for membership in which it is necessary to pay a fee and then you get referral link. Involving users after it you can earn high percent from their payment. As a rule it is necessary to involve 2-3 participants to pay back a payment, and then from new participants you will already receive profit. As you can see the scheme is very simple and such sites can work infinitely long, but to involve participants in them is very difficult.


This is distribution of your money among HYIP funds with different plans to reduce the risk of loss of money. It is recommended to use actively this method and not to hold all of money in one HYIP project though in your opinion it is quite good.


In dictionaries "rentier" means a person living in the percentage from the capital given to the loan or on income from the putting land and real estate out to lease , on dividends from shares, etc.




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