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Crypto Africa

Welcome to Trade Crypto Africa; my name is Chiumbo, expert in financial management and Crypto Futures Trade for over 5 years. Trade Crypto Africa is an easy and simple way to earn passive income from the comfort of your own home together with our private investment group. By using proven strategies to analyze current specific live market situations, our team provides consistent earnings for any investor such as yourself. My goal is to provide a highly profitable and consistent earning environment for all.

Trade Crypto Africa is managed by a group of proffesional traders who know exactly what it takes to earn the most from each investment. We minimize risk by diversifing in multiple areas such as Crypto Mining, Crypto Trade, and innovative commericial businesses; and are constantly pushing to acheive greater results with each successful return. Now as we understand, each member in our private investment group expects reliability, stability, and profitability. It is our duty to exceed your expectations and continue to do so with hard work, dedication, and geniune support. By striving to become the best investment opportunity, we will do everything we can to provide the longest running and stable site possible.

We are constantly diversifing our investment portfolio and building stronger connnections worldwide. When one opportunity fails you can rest assure that our strategy of diversification continues to keep our business profitable and growing. You have the opportunity right now to join a revolutionary investing oppourtunity that is sure to continue growing and mature into the most successful high yield opportunity today.

We offer great returns on your profits with 7 investment plans. We have a reserved insurance funds that will guarantee your initial deposit.
With our program we offer you a continuous daily and compounding profits that will transferred automatically to your account.
We pay our members up tp 10000% of deposited ASAP . It depends on what plan you choose. (see table below). 

Victor Investment Plan - 12 hours - 48 hours
Invest Amount (US$)
  Level 1
 $200 - $2,999
6000% in 48hours
  Level 2
   $3000 - $7,999
6500% in 36 hours
 Level 3
$8,000 - $19,999
7000% in 36 hours
 Level 4
  $20,000 -  $19,999
7500% in 24 hours
 Level 5
$40,000 -  $69,999
8000% in 24 hours
 Level 6
$70,000 -  $100,000
9000% in 12 hours
 Level 7
$100,001 -  $500,000
10000% in 12 hours




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